Jeffrey M. Everett - Technology Logistics Consultant
 Hello to all here to view my credentials and accomplishments in the technology world over the last 14 years. Its been a tough road at times, but with tough times comes an education and work ethic you cannot replicate anywhere. Please find my resume and contact information below, as well as some insight to what's next and my offering to finally take my consulting skills of the shores of the US!! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me anytime at or my side soon to be non-for profit project,

 11/7/2011 for all Telecom Vendors and Colleagues

 I am sad to announce this week that since the AT&T/T-Mobile merger is not going to be approved anytime soon,  I am handing operations of my logistics business over to investors and they will be taking over at the beginning of 2012. Since this merger has to be reviewed and looked over by many governing bodies I feel my part of the telecom industry will be at a standstill. I cannot blame one of my accounts Sprint for not wanting this merger to go through. You all know I have been heavily involved with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile over the years and have loyalty to each of them. Sprint has a point about keeping the marketplace open for carriers which in turn means, this keeps prices competitive for consumers.  I still will be of course consulting and plan to get back in the telecom game once this merger goes through but for now I have to focus on other projects. 
  I am back on the market for consulting or becoming a part of your team. I am available for employment anywhere in the U.S and overseas. Yes, for the first time I am making myself available overseas. I was partial to staying on shore but I am really looking forward to possible work in another part of the world. I have no preference as of yet and am open for discussing opportunities abroad with anyone who has an offer. I do want to thank everyone for the international offers in the past,  especially Sprint who offered me an incredible opportunity I was unable to take due to contract restrictions. I am completely available now and am free of any contracts.

I do want to announce my side project I plan on trying to make it a place that people can come and donate their unwanted and used computers. I then will get them working and get them to families having problems in our present economy. Please visit for details in the coming months.

My resume is also available on request please email me for details or visit my 'credentials' page for more info.

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